SS-200E Microprocessed Electrosurgical Unit


Efficient, safe and extremely easy to handle, the SS-200E is suitable for the widest range of surgical procedures.
The Ecut function was developed especially for endoscopic procedures and automatically controls incisions, with short pulses combined with gentle coagulation.
Samples of polyps and dry lesions for histological analysis can be collected with enhanced precision and quality by using pulsed cut.


. fully microprocessed
. seven functions: Ecut, pure cut, blend 1, blend 2, blend 3, spray and bipolar coagulation
. Ecut function with 4 homeostasis levels
. power setting through insulated keys located on the front panel, protected against liquids, for fast and accurate adjustment
. digital power level adjustment, 1 by 1 Watt precision
. digital display for easy visualization of maximum power levels in each mode
. digital memory storage capacity for power levels in every mode (pure cut, blend, coagulation and bipolar)
. automatic voltage selection
. monitoring system for patient plate circuit
. permits connection to argon plasma coagulator
. controlled through manual pencil or footswitch
. ventilation by natural convection


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