WEM SS-501SX Microprocessed Electrosurgical Unit


Cut and coagulation for all kinds of surgical procedures
The SS-501SX combines a number of cut and coagulation functions which are essential for advanced procedures that require rapid hemostasis and accurate control by surgeons.
It features the unique Ecut function to provide pulsed cut, which has been specially designed for endoscopic surgeries such as polypectomy, ESD and mucosectomy.
Through high cut, excellent performance is guaranteed in dealing with high impedance tissues. The device includes spray and contact coagulation.
Features a number of high tech resources, such as the bipolar and microbipolar modes with 0.5 W adjustment increments.
There are three independent displays for cut, coagulation and bipolar mode. The SS-501SX also features the Remote function to control power levels from the manually operated pencil.


. fully microprocessed
. 12 cut functions – pure, blend 1, 2 and 3, pure cut with high cut, blend 1, 2 and 3,Ecut 1, 2, 3 and 4
. 400 W pure cut
. 2 coagulation modes: contact desiccate and fulgurate spray, which allow for adjusting effects and application areas during tissue coagulation
. adjustable bipolar mode at 1 W and adjustable microbipolar mode at 0.5 W steps
. 3 independent digital displays for cut, coagulation and bipolar mode
. independent footswitches for monopolar 1, monopolar 2 and bipolar
. controlled by manual pencil and footswitch
. allows for the use of 2 pencils or 2 monopolar footswitches
. the PPM system automatically monitors patient-plate contact
. bargraph indicates contact level with patient plate
. recall function retrieves saved power levels
. remote function: controls display power from manual pencil
. compatible with argon plasma coagulator


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